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October 2021 1 Newsletter: COVID-19 Updated Info and Vaccinations

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It’s not too late to get the COVID-19 vaccine! The AMMC Family Practice and Urgent Care offer Pfizer vaccines and COVID-19 testing. Call (870) 205-2000 to schedule your appointment! Or learn more here.


COVID is still present in our community. For those who contract COVID-19, AMMC is proud to provide a safe, healthy space to treat you until you’re back on your feet.
When Rodney Jumper had a cough in November, his doctor urged him to keep an eye on his condition and go to a hospital if he felt it was necessary. He woke up the next day and told the doctor he was ready to go – and he never thought about going anywhere besides AMMC.

While a COVID-19 diagnosis carries with it plenty of uncertainty and fear, Rodney remembers his time at AMMC as being full of exceptional care. Rodney ended up staying at AMMC for 12 days as he fought COVID-19, and was always informed, prioritized and looked after for the duration of his stay.
“Initially, there were only two COVID patients on the COVID floor and I was almost directly across from the nurses’ room. They were always good about checking in on me and taking care of me,” he said. 
Rodney’s nurses always made sure to explain to him what was going on and kept him optimistic, and also made sure to make him feel at ease with friendly conversation. The cleaning staff regularly cleaned his room to keep it safe and comfortable throughout his stay. Though he was fighting a serious illness, he always felt that he was in the best hands.
“Early on, I really didn’t feel bad sick and I never knew how bad I must have been,” he said. “It was only after I was dismissed that I found out that I had taken a turn for the worse and almost had to be put on the ventilator.” 
He remembers always feeling like he was in good hands with the nurses at AMMC, and we are honored to have been able to treat him.